The CardShark plays the toughest, meanest game of Spades around!!

Think a computer partner will help you?
Think again.
It's you against three vicious CardSharks.

Not ready to swim with the Sharks? Don't worry, CardShark Spades ("CSS") has a sensitive side. CSS will let you use any of the following features that will not only give you a fighting chance, they will help make you a better player :

  1. Get hints from CSS for your bids and play.

  2. View all hands at any time.

  3. Replay or start over deals, optionally letting CSS play your cards as you watch and learn.

  4. Have CSS explain why it made a particular bid/play.

  5. See CSS's estimates of the number of cards by suit in each opponent's hand based on the bidding and play by each player.

  6. See all 4 hands at the end of each deal along with tricks bid and taken - by suit - so that you can see why you did or didn't make your bid. See the kinds of hands the Sharks are bidding on and what they are making.

  7. Compete against CSS in the Duplicate Mode:

      Play a hand, then CSS plays the same cards to see who gets the higher score.
      Watching CSS bid and play the same hands is a great way to learn and improve.

  8. While trying to get your first win against the Shark, CSS displays your high score to date at the end of each game. Try to beat your high score each game!

  9. Not enough? You can always play against Average or even Beginner opponents instead of the CardSharks.

If you are an expert player, in addition to finally having a Spades game that will give you a tough game, CSS has many unique features for you:

  1. Strategy Guide explains CSS's strategies and techniques, such as fractional point bidding, when to finesse or not, when to bid Nil and how to defend against Nil, and much more.

  2. Enter External Deals to see how CSS does against other Spades games (or against live players) when CSS only knows its own cards and not the other three hands.

  3. Replay deals to try different strategies. Rotate hands to play another player's cards.

  4. Run simulations on computer-generated or manually entered deals to see average number of tricks won, etc.

  5. See game statistics to find out who is getting the most Aces and trumps, who's overbidding and underbidding, etc.

  6. Bring up a record of the current deal (bids and plays) to view or email.

Almost all of the features above are exclusive to CSS. Here are some more:

  1. Extensive in-game help is included. (See the links below.)

  2. A Fun mode which allows all options described above to be used and a Serious mode which doesn't allow peeking at other player's cards, replaying deals, etc.

  3. CSS displays an ongoing total of number of wins.

  4. In addition to just number of wins, Scaled Scoring keeps a running net score reflecting the amount by which games have been won/lost.

  5. Keeps track of scores and stats for both the fun/learning mode and serious play mode.

  6. Features to speed up play:

    • If you only have one card left in the suit led, CSS plays it for you automatically.

    • When the player on lead has all winners left, CSS displays all hands and awards the tricks to the leader without having to play through each trick.

    • A Zip-U button quickly finishes up a deal with CSS playing your hand when you don't wish to take the time to finish the deal yourself, such as if you have no winners left.

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